Good News Geek

Join John and Matt for their spin on all things pop-culture.

About Us

Good News Geek is a South Australian based pop-culture and fandom podcast. The team: John and Matt bring you the latest in geek news and from around the world, relevant to our local listeners. Join them as they discuss all things geek in their own unique way.




John Tramontano, is a passionate sci-fi fan, particularly when it comes to Star Trek and Star Wars. He also enjoys FPS gaming (on X-Box and PC), though he’d be the first to admit that he isn't particularly good at it, but when it comes to The Sims, that’s where he’s a Viking!



Matt Gardner is our resident technology expert and gamer. Coming to the team over-qualified as an IT expert working in his own IT business, Matt lends his vast skills and insight to the team (He is either making us look really good... or really stupid).